Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Window View

This past Saturday morning, my husband and I sat in our front room having our coffee. We were both quiet as we watched the birds from our bay window. We watched the view from the same physical perspective, but I am sure each of our brains were processing the information differently. I couldn't help wonder why my husband wasn't open to learning and understanding creation from the biblical view. I wanted so much to just ask him why, but I feared it would cause us to be at odds with one another for the remainder of the day. I live and speak my faith openly because that is who I am, but asking my atheist husband a direct question regarding biblical matters is rather difficult. 

I decided to take the plunge. I began with, "I want to ask you something that has been on my mind." He shifted his eyes and attention from the window view onto me. He said, "Sure" in a tone that told me he was all ears. I hid my fear for a few more seconds while I took a huge swig of my coffee. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Why is it that you as an atheist, won't watch or read anything I post about Creation and Evolution? 
Armando: Oh, I don't know....I guess I'm just not interested. 
Me: Well, you have asked me in the past for scientific, archaeological, and historical proof of the Bible and Creation. I'm no expert, but I try really hard to point you in the direction of some credible scholars and physicists, but yet I know you don't look into it. You won't even read the bible to see for yourself. 

Armando again expressed that he wasn't interested. I thought that was a cop out answer considering he is one the several who has asked me to defend my Creationist view. 

Me: You know atheists and agnostics alike accuse Christians of being closed-minded. By saying you're not interested is also being close-minded.  I read the stuff my atheists friends and acquaintances post. The articles that resort to insulting and demeaning jabs against Christians and other creationists I will not read. I love and care very much for atheists and I would never treat them like that. They are not stupid, they are wonderful intelligent people. Some of their "science" may be stupid, but they aren't. 

My husband's facial expression to this told me he appreciated what I was saying. I reminded him I had asked him at one time to show me proof of evolution, and that he never provided. I told him I had asked other Evolutionists to show me proof. None have. We discussed a couple of the popular "proofs" of evolution...bacteria, birds, and fish. I explained that bacteria does change characteristics, but it is still bacteria. It hasn't become a new "thing". I explained some birds and fish types have changed physical characteristics, but they are still of their own kinds. 

I went on to ask him how it is he came to believe in evolution. "From text books" was his confident response. I then ask how did he know for sure the text books taught the truth. Didn't he research it? Question it? Look for proof?  He admitted he didn't and that he felt the ones who wrote the text books knew what they were talking about. He trusted them. I pointed out that was blind faith. He didn't agree or disagree. 

Other things came up in the conversation like text book history, The Constitution, and Bible translations. There were a couple of times my husband got upset during our chat, but that was my fault. I have a bad habit of interrupting when he is talking. (I'm getting better though!)  But before we closed our conversation,my husband reiterated he wasn't interested in watching or reading my materials. He did say he might be open to it someday. I really hope he meant what he said.

 All in all, I was rather pleased with our serious coffee chat. I feel very honored my husband trusts me enough to share his beliefs. I will continue to do my best to always respect him. :)

Below is a link to EVOLUTION VS. GOD by Ray Comfort. If you haven't watched it, please do.  I encourage you to not be close-minded.   http://www.evolutionvsgod.com/



  1. "I told him I had asked other Evolutionists to show me proof. None have."

    There's lots of good stuff here


    1. Common descent is not evidence of evolution. The observation of common descent is merely an assumption all things evolved from one source. There is no scientific evidence to prove the assumption to be true. Where is the proof one kind of species created or turned itself into a completely new kind? There is no such proof.

    2. You lost me a bit there. This is the evidence that species that currently exist descended from common ancestors. That is evolution. You are asking for proof that a species of one kind turned into a completely new kind. That is exactly what common descent is.

      What am I missing here?

    3. I'm sorry I confused you. Simply put,this only shows we share similar genetics with other creatures and living organisms. It does not prove the theory of evolution. Evolutionists such as yourself, choose to interpret it as proof.

    4. There's much more than genetic similarities on that page, there is fossil evidence for example, ring species, evolution observed in the lab.

  2. Thank you Hausdorff...I'll look into this.

  3. Charley and I watched the video evolution vs God. He said, "I would ask the guy to show me proof that there is a God." Hmmm? I wouldn't know how to do that. If you say it's in the trees, the mountains,etc etc. They just say, "That's not proof, you can't see God", or if we answer, "the bible saids He created the earth, the sea, heaven and everything in them", they say, 'who's to say the bible is true'. Then you get into a debate. Ugh! I do my best to avoid debates, it just a merry go round.

  4. Emily, it is a merry go round most of the time. Either way, both sides rely on pure faith for what they believe. The only time you are required to defend your faith in the bible and creation is when the Lord leads you. If you don't feel led, then don't concern yourself with it. You know in what way He has called you to minister.